Our mission is simple:

Provide an affordable way to pay for the important things in people’s life.

PinKube’s mission is to helps credit-challenged people make essential lifestyle purchases by splitting their payment into smaller, affordable monthly installments. This way, people can be financially secure while small merchant can increase sales by offering low credit financing. PinKube is the affordable way to pay for the important things in people’s life. Instead of making a large payment upfront, customers can split the cost of purchases into bitesize monthly installments. So customers still get lifestyle essentials without the hassle of applying for a credit card or incurring massive debt.

Our Values:

PinKube’s Values express what we hold dear, what we believe in and what we aim for. Individually, each principle is equally important, and taken as a whole, they form our collective conscience.


We communicate proactively and honestly, that is why we:

Say what we mean and mean what we say

Offer our customers trustworthy advice

Use understandable language that addresses the heart of the matter

Carefully explain the conditions, risks, returns and costs of our products and service

Are accessible and open, that is why we:

Are there where our customers want us to be

Are easy to approach, attentive and responsive

Listen with genuine interest and empathy

Engage in a candid dialogue and welcome feedback

Strive to minimize complexity


Empower people to be their best, that is why we:

See our customers as the starting point of everything we do

Work hard to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations

Provide our customers with the knowledge and confidence they need to make sound financial decisions

Give our employees the opportunity to develop themselves, and provide them with an inspiring and healthy work environment

Stand by our customers, and our colleagues, in their moments of truth

Respect each other and the world we live in, that is why we:

Treat others the way we want to be treated

Appreciate our colleagues, who are the ones that make it happen

Believe that working together leads to better results

Respect human rights, advocate equal opportunities and encourage diversity of thinking

Avoid or responsibly manage any negative impact our business activities may have on people or the environment, and seek positive change in society


Act with integrity, that is why we:

Take responsibility for our actions and deliver on our promises

Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and internal policies and guidelines

Use our knowledge responsibly and keep confidential what is entrusted to us


Prevent or responsibly manage possible conflicts of interest

Only do business with responsible, reputable and lawful parties


The PinKube Commitment

PinKube is committed to providing the tools your business needs to boost sales and grow your business.

Distinguish your business

Against competitors by offering a finance program. Display a compelling offer to your customers by advertising low, affordable, FIXED monthly payments.


Attract new customers

By advertising a low monthly payment, you’re appealing to those customers who can’t afford the total cash price of your product or service today.


Increase sales and average tickets

By advertising financing options to provide customers with the flexibility to pay over time and shift focus away from total price while increasing your average ticket amount.


How it Works

PinKube integrates seamlessly into your daily card acceptance operations to drive conversion, ATV, and revenue.


Your customer sees the option to pay over time with PinKube while shopping.


They download the PinKube app into their phone and register for the services and receive a real time authorization for the purchase amount.


They choose the payment plan that fits their budget.


You process their order, PinKube settles the full amount with you, and your customer pays PinKube over time.

Boost Revenue and Grow Your Business

Give your customers a more flexible way to pay for goods online or in-store. PinKube is a low-risk alternative to making an upfront payment, which gives customers the confidence to buy on the- spot. As a merchant, you receive upfront funding straight away*, with a detailed transaction history instantly appearing on your accounts.

Boost Revenue and Grow Your Business

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